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Image2The winding of sensitive plastic films sets high recommendations to the winding cores. Even the slightest unevenness could cause tremendous trouble for the production process. The longstanding expertise of Sonoco Plastics allows producing winding cores within the lowest tolerances and precise roundness. This supports an optimized winding process to meet high efficiency.

For the subsequent transport of the winded up reels a secure and proper packaging is needed, thus Sonoco Plastics Germany (formerly Burk) invented the end walls. This suspended packaging supports the delivery of your goods to customers.



Produced by injection molding up to a length of 2100 mm. This is worldwide unique and sets the highest standards in terms of roundness. Extruded cores can be delivered up to a length of 5000 mm in an outstanding quality. Our cores are available in ABS, ABS/SAN, PS, PS-HI, PE, PP and PA to provide any mechanical requirements desired - from rigid to high impact. Standard sizes 3” and 6”.

Tape Cores

For film tapes our smaller cores are the proper alternative. Designed for high winding tension they are customized for every individual application. Most of them could be used multiple times and are recyclable. For weight reduction tape cores can be produced with foamed material. Spring-rings.

Endwalls and Side Shields

For the suspended packaging of the winded-up reels the end walls are placed on both sides of the cores. They are available in any imaginable shapes and sizes up to 1000mm.
Standard sizes 3” and 6”.


Plugs and bungs, core holders and adapters, available in a huge variety for many applications.

Quick Fix®

High efficient storing and transport packaging
Excellent utilization of space
Independent of the core diameter


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