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Cheese Molds

Image2The patented cheese molds of Sonoco Plastics are well known in the market under the brand name KADOVA®. One of the leading brand names to the dairy industry for more than 40 years.

The KADOVA® cheesemolds are suitable for manual traditional, semi and fully automated production processes for semi and hard pressed types of cheese. The molds can be offered in all standard sizes in single as well as multi-mold configuration. The cheesemolds are lightweight, virtually unbreakable, reduce noise and retain their shape. The design provides less maintenance, superb cleaning results and better hygiene. All cheesemolds are produced with FDA-approved materials.


Standard Product Range KADOVA® cheesemolds

Baby Gouda: 200 gr - 1 kg. Gouda: 1,5 kg - 16 kg
Edam: 0,5 kg - 4 kg. Broodkaas: 2 kg - 5 kg
Cylindrical: Ø 83 mm - Ø 400 mm. Block: 356*280*160 + 356*280*260 + 240*360*190


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